Vision & Growth Goals

EKS’ Vision is to be one of the Top Three (3) environmental consulting firms in Michigan by 2010 and in the Midwest by 2015.

While our Growth Goals are indeed aggressive, we are confident of their achievement because of EKS’ ability to capitalize on opportunities as we continue to move forward in the same manner as we have in the past.

To achieve EKS’ Vision & Growth Goals we plan to do this through our Strategic Direction, our Financial Practices, our Knowledge of the Environmental Marketplace and our Diversity.

EKS’ Strategic Direction is to continue to build customer relationships through our responsiveness, competitive cost practices and meet and/or exceed customer expectations and deadlines.  EKS Management will have a common, agreed upon vision of meeting all customer needs utilizing all EKS employees’ skills, experience, loyalty and good team spirit, which in turn will benefit all EKS Customers.

EKS’ Financial Practices have always been and continue to be to operate on a cash basis, purchase equipment outright and operate on a low debt basis.  Through these financial practices, EKS can focus on the Customer and not the bottom line.

EKS’ Knowledge of the Environmental Marketplace is an important part of keeping our pricing competitive.  By realizing that our industrial hygienists and their field knowledge is one of EKS key strengths it helps EKS evaluate what additional environmental services we can provide our customers for the greatest potential of meeting and/or exceeding all our customers needs.

EKS’ Diversity gives EKS the leverage it needs to gain access to environmental opportunities that utilizes our services and knowledge to gain new customers with the potential of long term commitment.